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Website, software or digital product prototyping

Prototyping a website, software, or digital product is a version draft or sketch that allows you to organize and present your ideas or show the general intention concept to the team or the customer before investing time and money in development.

There are several types of the prototype:

  • Low-resolution prototyping;
  • High – resolution prototyping;
  • Interactive prototypes.


Low-resolution prototypes are prototypes that can be carried out at any stage of the project. Using paper and pencil, or plotting programs it is a quickly and effective way to give team members or customers a conceptual explanation of the idea and reach a common understanding of the direction of the solution. This is the cheapest and at the same time the most undervalued form of prototyping.


High – resolution prototyping prototypes that show websites, software, or digital product details and are part of a design specification that helps programmers and customers to understand how the website, software, or digital product will look when it will be completed.


Interactive prototypes are prototypes that simulate real actions, such as what happens when the mouse is pressed on a button or link. Their prototypes are used to show how a website, software or digital product will work. Their prototypes are often used in usability tests to play out specific usability scenarios.

With guests, prototypes can improve usability, as a visual illustration that always enables you to see potential problems more quickly.