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Usability expert review

The usability expert review consists of 150-200 answers to questions drawn up by the usability expert, divided into several thematic groups, depending on the specific nature of the website, software, or other digital product.

During the review, a comparative assessment of the relevant question is carried out in response to the question, a comment is provided which, if necessary, is supplemented with appropriate extraneous projectiles and recommendations by the applicability specialist.

This type of usability test can be performed on any website, software, or digital product, regardless of its development status. For finished products, the usability expert review allows you to discover usability problems that can be included in future versions of the product, but for an active development website, software or digital product, you can make the necessary corrections immediately to avoid problems from being produced.

To make the most efficient use of possibilities provided by usability expert reviews, it is recommended that they are carried out regularly. See usability monitoring.