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Paper prototypes and early usability tests for IT systems

A very fun and exciting practical seminar, entered by a concise theoretical insight into the subject that is continued by words of practical work in groups. The main benefits of the masterclass are the knowledge of how to design a website or a complex of the IT system quickly and cheaply without programming any code lines, and of identifying it with the real users who will immediately discover the first usability problems that need to be solved.

As a part of the masterclass, the participant will find out and try in practice:

  • The theory about the prototyping of systems.
  • Creating the paper prototype, using paper, pencils, and sticky leaves.
  • How to organize usability tests with real users.
  • The operation with test results.

Duration: 4 hours
Target Audience: Project Managers and Authors or Owners of Business Ideas
Preferred number of Participants: the number of members should be shared with 4
Price: By agreement